Stop Doing these 4 Things if You Have Sleep Apnoea

An anatomic problem often causes an Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). It can be excess tissues on the throat, deformities in the nasal septum, or a long soft palate. Thus, people who suffer OSA go to an ears, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist. They often opt for a snoring treatment Coolangatta residents usually avail.

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How should you take care of your ears, nose, and throat (ENT)? If you are suspecting that you have this condition, you should not rely on treatment alone. Medication will not suffice unless you stop your bad habits. You might have been doing some things that are worsening your sleep apnoea.

Continue reading to know if you are committing these poor ENT habits:

1. Dismissing your gut’s condition

What does your gut say? If you’re suffering skin conditions and bloating, then it needs nurturing. Improving your gut overall health will also enhance your immune system defences. This means your ability to combat bad bacteria will likewise supercharge.

To improve your gut’s health, you need to keep a balanced volume of good bacteria or probiotics. These bad bacteria can infest your ears, nose, throat, bowel, and lungs and induce diseases. Unless there’s a well-balanced volume of probiotics, you will always become easily infected by germs.

You should never ignore a gut. It’s a good idea to get it checked before you get a snoring treatment Coolangatta has now.

2. Not eating organic meals

You can carefully adapt to an organic and natural, plant-based diet plan. You must also include probiotic-rich and prebiotic-rich food items, to keep your gut’s microbiome in a healthy condition.

Probiotic-rich foods are sources of good bacteria. Prebiotic-rich foods fertilize your gut’s good bacteria.

Include those in your diet plan. Keep maintaining this diet so you won’t have a second snoring treatment Coolangatta doctors are offering.

3. Having a poor nasal hygiene

Cleanse your nose repeatedly to keep that dirty debris out. Assure regularly to moisturize your nostrils.

  • Drink lots of drinking water.
  • Spend for a humidifier.
  • Decrease your coffee consumption.
  • Make use of saline sprays.

If you are having troubles with inhaling, do not think twice to call a sleep doctor Gold Coast has nowadays.

4. Cleaning ears recklessly

No matter how slippery or itchy they get, you must always treat them with care. Getting ear contaminations are the most normal but uncomfortable ENT problem you want to avoid. Here are some tips to prevent infections.

  • Tidy your headsets.
  • Quit smoking or avoid tobacco smoke exposure.
  • Handle your allergies right away.
  • Be mild with getting rid of earwax.
  • Avoid using cotton buds for cleaning.

Final notes

If you are experiencing an ENT problem, phone a highly knowledgeable practitioner now. So, if you happen to be searching for an ear test Dr, search no further. Check out Dr John Malouf of Malouf Medical.

He is an ENT surgeon who primarily treats Sleep Apnea Gold Coast citizens are having today. With his focus on treating Sleep Apnoea, you will certainly not worry regarding obtaining hazy evaluation results. Head over to to learn about his other ENT services.

Post Author: Rebecca James